Tofu & Tigerpaw in SF's Union Square 2012-11-10 #050.jpg




Honk! TX, Austin, 2013.


Hi, I'm a character performer out of Austin, TX.

I love to visit new places and perform in public spaces.

Maybe you've seen me at a festival, faire, park, parade, party, convention, or just dragging costume boxes through the airport.

Pictures of me and some of my friends appear on these pages.  I don't represent them or any corporation.  These characters are our own inventions.

We do this because we love to do it.  I certainly don't make any money from this; it's art for art's sake.


Art Outside, Thorndale, 2014. Photo by MD.


"There are people who dedicate their life to performance art.

Even if it’s ridiculous, even if you don’t understand it, even if it’s something that you feel is silly, they need to be out there.

Because they’re the astronauts.

You may not appreciate the exploration they are doing, but let those people commit their life to ridiculousness in the name of poetry."

Marc Maron, WTF Episode 472

Tofu & Tigerpaw in SF's Union Square 2012-11-10 #050.jpg



Union square park, San Francisco, 2013. Photo by Steeleheart.



Character performance is layered with creativity and forms of expression.

The work of the artists, the crafters, the performers, the photographers, and the audience all come together in a moment and place.



6th Street, Austin, 2014. Photo by MD.


It's a beautiful thing.




Honk! TX, Austin, 2014.


Our performances outright reject a clear narrative.

In its best moments, it appeals directly to the audience--

with the audience--

without distance, in genuine settings, during chance-based encounters and through unexpected staging.

It is a new exploration each and every time.


Harajuku Bridge, Tokyo, 2014.


We are exploring identity and the antithesis of identity.

We are simultaneously conspicuous and obscured.

Costuming allows identity to be peeled away from the performer as a burdensome layer.

Then, fear, embarrassment, insecurities, and more and more and more layers are peeled away to reveal the increasingly authentic performance.

Whatever our instrument is, we have to express it to its most honest core, and the whole point is ultimately bringing it to the crowds for their amusement and astonishment.




Art Outside, Thorndale, 2012.


Sharing and experiencing joy is a vulnerable place,

and the fear of looking stupid can hold us back.

But, don’t be afraid of fun.

Get over the fear of fun.


Times Square, New York City, 2013.


Joy has to emanate from within,

and then, it’s possible to change any situation from the inside out.

Humiliate yourself on stage and be your larger self.

You can do anything you want even if it doesn’t make sense.


Eeyore's Birthday, Austin, TX 2018.  Photo by Vulpine_media.